Help me help you

All I have is my time and I want to put it to good use, but sometimes I get stuck on the way to creating/learning something and I bet you do too. The problem is - I only have myself to keep track of my progress, making it easy to fall behind. Orbiter is my idea to fix this.

Here’s the deal - I will commit my time to keep track on a regular basis of how you do on whatever goals you have, and in turn you will commit yours to do the same for me. Just fill out the form below and let's go do this!

If by chance there's more than one person interested, we will figure out how to allocate our time to track each other amongst ourselves. So go on - the boxes below are waiting for your keyword, country and email.

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* I will not share your email address with anyone.

** I will personally write our correspondence - no machine generated emails.

*** Upon your request, I will stop contacting you and forget your address.